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Jacques and the Great Art Theft


Najniższa cena: 67,00 .

Scenariusz: Chris Baldie
Rysunki: Chris Baldie
Premiera: grudzień 2023
Druk: kolorowy
Format: 180x254mm
Ilość stron: 51
Język: angielski
Kolor: Adrian Bloch

Dostępne od ręki; 4 na stanie

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A classic European-style humour comic about a Parisian cat burglar. Suitable for teens+

Jacques and the Great Art Theft is an all-ages book that follows our titular character Jacques as he undertakes his greatest job yet: to break into the city’s gallery and liberate its finest work.

Follow our nocturnal thief as he makes his way across rooftops, traverses great heights, and sneaks his way past guards to get at the treasures within.

The story is almost entirely without dialogue, so it can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of language!

This is also a standalone story, so there’s no need to worry about knowing any canon or figuring out how to find the 47 back issues of a series you only just found out about.

If you enjoy the likes of Hilda, Tintin, Jonna, Nobrow and Flying Eye books, and other fun cartoon adventures, this is the book for you!