Storge (okładka limitowana)

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Scenariusz: Kamilah Wong
Rysunki: Kamilah Wong
Druk: czarno-biały
Ilość stron: 100
Język: angielski
Oprawa: miękka
Premiera: czerwiec 2024


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‘Storge’ is a standalone psychological mystery. The story follows the strange Ashton ducal family, who doesn’t bat an eye when Mikael, the son, kills his father.

Constantly followed by a sense of unease and tension, the story continues with the seemingly normal life of the remaining family: Mikael, his mother, and his little sister, Yuna. STORGE is told non-linearly, jumping between the past, present, and (what seems to be) future. As bits and pieces are slowly revealed, the truth of the father’s death begins to unravel. Contains lots of emotion, foreshadowing and mystery!

Storge (storgḗ) ‘love, affection’, or familial love, refers to natural or instinctual affection, such as the love of a parent towards offspring and vice versa. Also applies to siblings.