Wage Slaves


Ilość stron: 200
Wydawnictwo: Centrala
Scenariusz: Daria Bagdańska
Rysunki: Daria Bagdańska
Format: 180 x 255 mm
Oprawa: miękka
ISBN: 9781912278077
Język: angielski

Dostępne od ręki; 3 na stanie

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Komiks po angielsku.

Daria moves to Sweden to reset her life. She looks for a job and starts working under the table as a waitress in one of Malmö’s many restaurants. She soon discovers that things aren’t quite as they should be. Together with a journalist and her union, she starts to investigate the employment practices at her workplace – and many things in her life change. 

„Wage Slaves” is a story about union struggle when you are somebody marginalized by society. But also the story of a journey to a new country. Daria tries to get a new life and make new friends. She parties falls in love, works, learns the new language and starts a band. 

Daria Bogdanska tells the story of the precarious generation without employment security that she herself is a part of and the underground scene in Malmö. A tale of everyday life and politics. About alienation in a new city, longing for love and justice and trying to feel at home far, far away from home. The book is based on true events. 


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